Sunday, March 28, 2010

John Burns

Since today's Post-Dispatch mentions this blog in their discussion of John Burns, I thought I'd post a link to a profile I wrote about Burns a while ago . There are several relevant pieces of Burn's background that are missing from the Post-Dispatch story:

1. Burns falsely claimed that Washington University shut down his gulag display because it was offensive, when in fact they shut it down because Burns' group did not mention that they were building a structure, and instead said only that they would be passing out literature when they filled out the paperwork.
2. James O'Keefe and Joseph Basel, two of the people arrested in New Orleans, flew to St. Louis specifically to secretly videotape Washington University employees and edit the tapes in an attempt to claim that the university was "biased" against conservatives.
3. Burns accused Washington University of "fraud" after the university requested that his group pay for the university's cleanup of their vandalism (Burns, by the way, is not a student, and the student members of Young Americans For Liberty have distanced themselves from him).
4. Burns went out of his way to sabotage an LGBT rally, writing "free abortions" on a sign at the rally..

There's actually quite a bit more, so please read the full profile here if you haven't already.

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  1. Expecting Burns to tell the truth (or even partially) about the gulag is simply expecting too much from him. The same can be said for O'Keefe and Basel. And why bother with the proper paperwork since it's a "protest/rally"?

    And how full of it is Gina Loudon: "It's almost shocking that they would come to us now," Loudon said. "It seems insensitive at best."
    WTF? You expect the Prop A group to come kiss your ring and get your blessing?

    "Proposition A is an example of a socialist ballot initiative..." Burns told a crowd. I don't believe socialists use free elections or ballot initiatives to rule Mr. Burns.