Monday, December 5, 2011

The Loeschs Break Up With the Tea Party

They took their ball and went home.

I previously reported on Jen Ennenbach's leaked email stating that Chris Loesch, Dana's husband and a member of the St. Louis Tea Party leadership, demanded that the tea party stop using the logos he designed. Her statement:
Oh, also, Chris Loesch has requested an immediate cease of use on his logos. . .which include the St Louis Tea Party logo and the SOB (pirate looking) logo. So, if you have these up on any of your sites, please replace them with something else. He has never been compensated for the use of these.
This was a result of a fight between two different factions in the St. Louis Tea Party. One group (the Loeschs, Gateway Pundit, and Jen Ennenbach) supported GOP establishment candidate Ann Wagner (a candidate for the head of the RNC and the campaign chairman for Roy Blunt) and another group (John Burns, Ben Evans, Michelle Moore, Bill Hennessy, and Darin Morley) supporting nutty Ed Martin.

I just checked and it looks like the Tea Party really did change their logos. This is what the old logo looked like:

Here's what the new Twitter logo looks like:

And here's what the "new" facebook page looks like (though it sounds weird calling the Gadsen flag "new"):

For the record:
  • Dana Loesch voted for Mitt Romney in the 2008 Republican primary.
  • She explicitly said that she liked RomneyCare.
  • She supported Roy Blunt over the more conservative Chuck Purgason for the U.S. Senate.
  • She supported Ed Martin over John Wayne Tucker, and in fact attacked Tucker on her show after Ed Martin paid her husband to make a commercial for him.
  • Now's she's supporting the ultimate GOP establishment candidate Ann Wagner over the comparably more conservative Ed Martin.
  • Oh, and she's "edgy" for some reason.


  1. Grow up. folks. Our country is dying and there is this crap going on?
    LET IT GO.
    Besides, was there a price tag on that logo when it was presented?
    Were they just wishing for some money?
    What about "communication"?
    Since when is an avatar a logo????
    The first time it was used or adjusted, it should have been confronted.
    I am a St.Louis Tea Party "member" (it is grassroots!!!), and it's best to overlook the lesser for the bigger picture (which is HUGE!).
    It seems this blog is simply pure gossip, and we know how THAT goes!

  2. It's my policy not to comment on the Loesches. It's not productive. I must point out that I was hammered as money-hungry when I stopped doing her website with the reason that while our politics differed it didn't much matter till she became so publicly derisive of liberals.
    At that point I quit because it made little sense to work for someone for free that hated what I was so much.
    Now with the internal Tea Party strife it seems that she wishes to disassociate with the STLTP and Chris wants them to stop using logos he designed for them because he was 'never compensated' for creating them.
    So let me get this straight... They want to break from an organization (that has friends of theirs as members) due to differing politics and are complaining about not being paid for pro bono work?
    Well Dana, let me say to you what you said to me... "too bad it's all about the money."
    Of course *I* never complained about never being paid - I was taken a bit out of context. To repeat, I said it made little sense to work for someone for free who was so publicly against liberals. If it HAD been "all about the money" for me, I would have quit many years before that.

  3. @Craig:
    It's interesting to hear you worked for Dana for years, because I don't remember that she ever credited anyone else for all that work.