Friday, May 27, 2011

VIDEO: Nieves Tells Co-Host To Falsely Claim Critical Letters Were From Liberal Blogs

During an unhinged facebook rant where he called one of his constituents "sub-human" approximately one week after an unhinged radio rant where he called one of his constituents "sub-human," and "less than a man," State Senator Brian Nieves announced that he'd have a lot to say about the scandal on his radio show that's co-hosted by Michelle Moore on Thursdays. Moore livestreams the program, which allows comments to be picked up when the radio is not on air. As you might imagine, Nieves says some pretty interesting things.

Prior to yesterday's show, Nieves can be seen coaching Moore to claim that three letters about him acting like a schoolyard bully were from "liberal blogs." In fact, each of the three letters about Nieves' bullying was printed in the Missourian, the newspaper for Washington, Missouri. Nieves tells his co-host that, "from a strategy standpoint," he doesn't want people to know about the letters in the Missourian and that "there are a lot of old ladies" who "want him to be nice all the time."

Watch here:

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