Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Exclusive Video! Tea Party Tries to Provoke Violence At UMSL!

We posted an interview on Monday about an altercation at UMSL where Adam Sharp reportedly trespassed into a restricted building and attempted to harass students and faculty. Both students mentioned that as they were waiting outside the police station to see if Don Giljim was OK, they were approached by a tea partier (later identified as Ben Evans) who was baiting them to "take a swing" at him. We've obtained exclusive video that shows this to be true.

First, here are shortened clips of the students explaining what had happened. The first student wanted to remain anonymous for the time being:

Here's the second student, Kevin:

And here's the exclusive video showing Ben Evans of the St. Louis Tea Party saying "I'd love to see you take another swing:"

Of course, just because the tea party goes out of their way to try to provoke violence doesn't mean that it's OK to be violent. In fact, that's exactly what they're looking for. But this does show quite clearly what their intentions are when they try to pester students and faculty at a college campus. All of this is the stuff they leave out of their highly edited version of events.

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  1. People must protest the weak-kneed response of the UMSL administration to these politically-motivate street thugs, i.e., Nazis/tea partiers who are intent on provoking violence and violating our right of free speech and academic freedom, i.e. the freedom to learn and to think. Additionally, challenging someone to a fight is, in fact, a crime, peace disturbance. Tom George be a leader and stand up to these extremists. You stick your head in the stand, wishing they will go away. These extremists will be on campus again and again until they pay a price for their criominal misconduct. Dr. George be leader and protect the UMSL Campus.