Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WashU Students for Liberty: Social Justice is Exactly Like a Gulag Labor Camp

The WashU Young Americans for Liberty built their own Gulag on campus to warn students about the evils of communism.
Included in their definition of communism: the Civil Rights Act, child labor laws, AmeriCorps, and, as you can see, "Peaceful Social Justice." Sometimes, there's just no need for commentary.


  1. dleosch on twitter said this event was to "remind us of the horrors of Socialism"... which made me giggle.

    I would expect her to not know the difference between socialism and communism, or to try to confuse the two in her followers minds, but I honestly expected more from Wash U students.

    Can you confirm whether they were protesting "Socialism", or were they protesting "Communism" (with props and building materials no doubt imported from China)?

    because this picture looks just like the gulags in Canada... uncanny...

  2. The literature they passed out was all about Communism.

  3. Dana never reads anything through, so it's not surprising she said it was about "Socialism". Guess she doesn't like the Civil Rights Act either?

  4. did any of the professors have the humor and presence of mind to demand...
    "Tear down this wall..."?