Saturday, November 7, 2009

HELP! Support the next generation of climate activists in Missouri

You have a chance to help empower youth leaders in Missouri to take action against climate change!

The Sierra Student Coalition has these amazing summer programs (Sprogs for short), which train new leaders in the youth climate movement, giving them the skills to organize and win environmental campaigns back in their communities. These programs are a week-long and they are offered across the country every summer. I went to a Sprog in 2008, and it changed my life. I know that might sound hokey, but the skills that I learned there--campaign strategy, public narrative, and leadership development, for example--have indeed been invaluable in my environmental leadership on Wash U's campus.

This is where I need your help. Right now the SSC is trying to determine where to run programs in 2010, and determine how many we can run in this funding climate. I’m hoping to raise money to host a Sprog in Missouri, where we are ready to take our organizing to the next level!

You can feel the momentum here growing as students and youth here become more and more excited about making change and smarter about how they do it. We're beginning to tackle bigger foes and bigger campaigns. From my personal experience at Wash U, I can see that there's more excitement than ever, as students come together to do exciting things like the flash mob we executed on Monday.

You can help the next generation of environmental activists by making a contribution to MO Sprog by Sunday, November 22!

Whether you can contribute $20, $10, or even just $5, your contribution would support training youth leaders in Missouri and toward supporting a program that I and so many others are passionate about! Each region needs to raise $3,000 to be eligible for a Sprog next summer.

We are counting on donations like yours to fund Sprogs this year.

The bad news is: in this funding climate, the previous funding sources for Sprog have dried up. If we can't raise the money, there will be no MO Sprog. (IT'S A PUN. GET IT?) And because 11/22 is the deadline, we only have two weeks.

The good news is: We have a chance to save Sprog! A donation from you will make a huge dent in our fundraising goal. Just think, it's only $3000! All we need is for 200 people to donate $15 dollars or for 300 people to donate $10. It's totally do-able.

Together, we can move youth activism forward in Missouri.

Thank you for your hope and your support!

Melissa Legge

student activist in St. Louis

MO/IL Sprog fundraising team

p.s.—Want to do more? Will you help spread the word? Please spread this blogpost via email/facebook/twitter to anyone you think would be interested in supporting the movement OR if having a SPROG in Missouri really means a lot to you, you could draft your own letter and send it out. Thanks so much!

p.p..s.--Want to do even more? If you are in St. Louis and want to help, and have an idea for a fundraiser or want to get involved in fundraising efforts, please contact me at melissa.legge [at]

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