Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kevin Jackson Vs. The St. Louis Tea Party, Part II

Yesterday, despite being scorned by conservatives across the state of Missouri, the St. Louis Tea Party had the hubris to announce that they were going to be creating (and presumably directing) a "tea party caucus" of legislators in Jefferson City. And, they announced, they already had a BAZILLION members! This declaration that they would be purportedly speaking for conservatives across the state had a lot of people scratching their heads.

If you recall, right-wing blogger Kevin Jackson previously blasted John and Gina Loudon as "the two biggest crooks in St. Louis" and unleashed a Twitter barrage in their general direction (this was back when the Loudons were in good standing with the tea party). Jackson, like most Missouri conservatives including Steve Tilley, but unlike the local media, seems to realize that the St. Louis tea party is extremely weak politically (see the results in the County Assessor race for the latest evidence, or ask yourself why they didn't hold either an anniversary rally or a tax day tea party this year), so he let loose in the comments:
Then work with the MCC, who represents a LOT more of MO than the STL TP. I suggest the STL TP actually do something effective IN the city of St. Louis, before expanding. Failing to get Ed Martin elected is not the track record for expansion.
Ben Evans of the tea party responded by suggesting that Jackson was just bitter because the tea party wasn't paying him:
Kevin, if you can stop using STLTPC as a proxy for attacking individuals you disagree with, we would appreciate it. Gary volunteers his time to promote a Tea Party Caucus; sorry STLTPC decided not to pay your lucrative rates to promote such a thing.
And some guy who calls himself MICK, a REAL PATRIOT also goes after Jackson in the comments:
I suggest Kevin Jackson do something for the Tea Party other than his constant self-promotion, backbiting, and threats behind the scenes. He sells a nice conservative image to the public but behind the scenes he acts just like a progressive who discovered capitalism.

It's not wrong that Kevin Jackson's only concern with this movement is how much money he can make from it it's his liberal ideology and apparently expecting people in the grassroots to pay his way and his hostility and outright nastiness towards people when he doesn't get what he wants. It would be a shame to see Kevin turn on this new group they way he has on so many others. He better stop taking stupid potshots at groups that are effective. In case he hasn't noticed, we're in a WAR. In fact, what the hell has Kevin Jackson EVER DONE for grassroots? Organize anything? Spearhead anything? Go door to door? Petition? Phone bank? Lobby? NO. He uses events to sell badly written books and by all the rumors floating around, throws a fit when he doesn't get a check. Who the hell are you Kevin Jackson to call anyone out? What a joke.
They do know how to entertain.

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  1. I think that tea party caucus has not gone as planned. Has Wiegert said anything more about it? I hear that not one person representative has committed so I think the St Louis TP has grown their record of so-called accomplishments to 0 for 8 (after Chip Wood loss). On their applications, they should take the Yes box next to the Are You a Loonie? field off immediately.