Saturday, January 5, 2019

Rex Sinquefield Refers To International Master in Chess as "Some Blond"

The favorite right-wing millionare of the corporate wing of the St. Louis Democrats disgraced himself even more than usual last November by referring to Anna Rudolph, an International Master of chess, as "some blond" on the Today in Chess program. As was pointed out by many chess commentators, Rex himself has not achieved IM status. It's just so strange that Rex engaged in such blatant sexism, since all of the St. Louis Rexocrats kept telling me that old man Rex is a committed libertarian who's, like, totally cool and compassionate on social issues even while he works tirelessly to defund state and city governments. It's almost as if he's just a typical old cranky conservative who figured out how that he can buy off unprincipled "Democrats" in order to get them to sell out the citizens of cities like St. Louis and Kansas City.

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