Friday, January 13, 2012

Hilarious! Breitbart Editor Whiffs on Politico Conspiracy Theory

Too funny. Breitbart editor Jim Nolte wrote up a conspiracy theory about Politico on Big Journalism. It said the following:
The playbook is simple. Leftist outlets like Politico look for (or in this case, receive a tip from a leftist blogger notoriously obsessed with silencing Dana) any little thing a conservative says that can be amplified into the news-cycle as unacceptable or outrageous. Then, this ginned up tempest in a teapot, is used as a wedge between the conservative and the outlet that dares allow that conservative’s voice to be heard.
Oooh, so scandalous. The "tip from a leftist blogger" link goes to this tweet:

Except for this slight problem: my tweet was sent *after* Politico had already posted the story. In fact, I was responding because the reporter had encouraged Loesch to contact her if she wanted to respond and I know she has a history of making things up. Nothing about Dylan Byer's post was changed after I tweeted him (other than his update from a CNN spokesperson).

What an amazing surprise that the defense from a Breitbart editor would turn into a hysterical, easily-debunked conspiracy theory.

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