Friday, July 29, 2011

Tea Party Cancels "Lame" Rally After Getting Only Three Positive Responses

Wow. The St. Louis Tea Party had previously announced a rally on August 4th that they apparently thought would be big enough to fill Kiener Plaza. Instead, they only got three, that's right, three positive responses:
In early July, we decided to move forwarded with a tongue-in-cheek birthday party for Obama that could also celebrate Calvin Coolidge’s overnight inauguration and USS Nautilus’s first voyage under the North Pole.

Even the people who dreamed up that theme (me included) had a hard time getting all jazzed up about it.

Moreover, we received exactly three positive responses to news of the event. Maybe because no one heard or because everyone thought it was lame.

Despite these headwinds and misgivings, we still planned to hold the event until . . . until someone forgot to secure the insurance and pay for the park.
I happen to know that one of those positive responses was from friend-of-the-Hub flaming liberal Brian Matthews, so I guess that means that the reach of the St. Louis Tea Party now extends to about two conservatives outside of their steering committee.

It's pretty stunning that they could only get three responses, but also amazing that they thought they could book Kiener Plaza, which holds thousands. It's a powerful indication of just how out of touch the St. Louis Tea Party leadership is with local conservatives.


  1. The entire Tea Party is just out of touch. Are they really as dim as they act, or are they being paid to destroy the country?

  2. Damn, just when I was getting ready to order my "Soros Stooge" t-shirt to wear on Aug. 4th.

  3. I think after this debt limit debacle, started by the party who caused the debt, and the willingness of the tea party to cause our country to default will not be forgotten, Americans are going to remember these idiots who have no idea how to govern. Also some are deadbeats who are greatly in debt, what an insult to our country.

  4. I'm going to go slightly off topic here but does anybody want to buy a pre-owned tri-corner hat? It's brand new!

  5. The tea party is a paper tiger.. well funded and very loud in the media, but there isnt any meat in that taco...

  6. Today there were rallies on both sides of Missouri to stand against the TeaPublican efforts to take down Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the good credit of our country. Here in St. Louis nearly 100 passionate people went to Rep. Todd Akin's St. Charles office, even though it was almost 100 degrees outside. Perhaps TeaParty members who rallied last year are having a bit of buyer's remorse as they see the crazies they elected attempting to destroy what we all hold dear. I'll really miss hearing the "flaming liberal", Brian Matthews, speak at the (now) cancelled party.