Monday, January 31, 2011

Is Chris Koster a Democrat or is he Clueless?

Rumors are floating around the Attorney General Chris Koster, as a result of loud noises and repeated foot-stomping by Republicans, is considering wasting Missouri taxpayer money to join on to a hopeless and petty lawsuit against healthcare reform. Hotflash at Show Me Progress points out why this would be ridiculous and very likely lead to Koster losing a Democratic primary. But I think even if Koster won a Democratic primary, he would unquestionably lose the general election. Democrats would have no reason to support him, and Republicans would not trust Koster after his previous switch to the Democratic Party, and they have already stated as much. From the right-wing 24th State Blog:
At any rate, while I would like to see our state officials join the Obamacare lawsuits, I worry that Koster will just flip to the other side after he joins. This is not the sort of person either party should want in government.
No one will support Koster if he flips. The public is not kind to party flip-floppers, as is evidenced by Arlen Specter and Joe Lieberman. Koster needs to talk to the people who elected him and think seriously about performing his job rather than wasting precious state money on political theatre.

You can reach his office at 573-751-3321 or to let him know what you think.


  1. Possibly clueless, definitely not a Dem and certainly still a Republican. Margaret Donnelly should have beaten him soundly and we'd have none of this garbage lawsuit on our state agenda.

  2. I will be a Democrat again when it means something. At the moment I do not think anyone knows what a Democrat is. Just a bunch of folks who will sell their votes at any cost and do not respect elections. At least Claire is honest she says she does not represent the 51% who voted for her but wants to be firmly in the middle where it is safe.

  3. Why is this even a question? HE'S A REPUBLICAN! Who can't figure this out?