Wednesday, December 15, 2010

VIDEO: Witnesses of UMSL Campus Beating

Students at the University of Missouri St. Louis gathered today to collect signatures in support of Brian K. Massey, the student who was beaten by UMSL campus police outside the campus radio station on November 17. Several witnesses have come forward saying that Brian did nothing to provoke the arrest and was badly beaten by the police, but so far there has been no indication that the administration or police are taking the allegations seriously. I attended the event today and interviewed three eye-witnesses who all concurred with Brian's story. So far, there have been no witnesses who have come forward supporting the police version of events, and at least 7 who support Brian's version.

The first witness I spoke to was Justin Collins:

The second witness was Kendah Isom (cousin of Police Chief Isom):

A third witness, Manuel Wynn, also agreed with their story but preferred not to be videotaped.

Amanda Millstone, a classmate of Brian's, describes the emotional trauma he's going through:

Stacy Beckenholdt has been leading the efforts on Brian's behalf, and she explains why she got involved:

A couple further notes: Kendah's story closely matches with what Brian said as the police officers seemed agitated primarily based on being angry at the crowd rather than because of anything Brian did. Also, not mentioned by these witnesses here, Brian's ID clearly states that he is disabled and Brain says that he told the police this while they were beating him.

To hear Brian's version of events, tune in to channel 2 or 5 tonight (I'll update when videos are available) or listen to the Activist Hub radio interview with Brian.

More video soon!


  1. Unbelievable! I am moved to tears! Very powerful accounts! Such brave people to come forward and speak out!

  2. Did you ask to interview the Police involved in this incident?

  3. Excellent, excellent work Adam! Thank you again for all of your support :-D It is proving to be very instrumental in what we're doing.