Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea Party Uses Dirty Tactics in Anti-Prop A Effort

A brief recap:

John Burns falsely accused Washington University several months ago of shutting down a "gulag display" on the Washington University campus because it was "offensive." Actually, Burns' group Young Americans for Liberty only said they would be passing out literature and never filled out paperwork for building a structure on campus, even according to their own members.

Then, a month later, John Burns falsely accused Washington University of "fraud" when the university asked for members of Young Americans for Liberty to pay for the cleanup of the spray-painted hammers and sickles on campus that corresponded with their gulag display.

And here we are on election day for Proposition A. Burns mysteriously decides at the last minute to hold a anti-Prop A rally in Chesterfield and, lo and behold, he accuses the Chesterfield Mayor of ordering the police to kick the protesters off of the intersection. The police chief says that they don't let anyone stand in the median, but Burns and tea partier Gina Loudon still allege that this is a massive conspiracy, and get coverage from KMOX and the Beacon.

The Tea Party uses absolutely ridiculous and shameful tactics over and over again. When is the local media going to learn?


  1. The term "old media" perfectly describes the Newspaper, TV, and Radio media, which has vowed to fight against the "New Media" (Internet, Text Messaging, Telecommunication).
    The old media requires passive participation. You can not voice your opinions as freely, especially with censorship rules enforced. Basically, you are required to "shut up and take it".
    New media is different. Anyone can participate and not be diacriminated. Everyone can participate even people who do not support your opinions as long as both sides can be civil.

    The anti-Prop A group isn't just against mass transit, or healthcare, or honesty. But against the exercise of free will, making sound decisions, or for having a thought of there own.

    They may speak of not wanting the government to make decisions for them, and if they don't want the government to help them they shpuld live in squallor and without the many, many good things that government supports. (They should definitely stop driving on the tax-payer paid roads for starters.)

    As for me, I look forward to taking the bus to work again.

  2. This is hilarious!

    At the St. Louis Beacon's site, they write: "According to spokesman John Burns, the protesters "stood on public land on the side of the road ... About 15-20 minutes into the rally, a Chesterfield police officer pulled alongside of the volunteers, stepped out, and told them, 'I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to step back.' The officer moved volunteers back to a point where they were barely visible to the road."

    Note that the photo supplied to the Beacon is noted with "Photo by Bill Hennessy". The photo clearly shows that the protestors are IN THE MEDIAN and NOT ON PUBLIC LAND ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD"!

    Even the local teahadists Burns and Hennessy can't keep their shit straight.

  3. I absolutely knew Burns was gonna pull some bullshit stunt just so he can yell "foul!" and get attention. We've seen this time and time again with John Burns, he clearly has shameful integrity and hopefully will fade away when people find out he is a liar and a sham.