Monday, January 18, 2010

Links from the the St. Louis Progressive Blogosphere-Week 2

In an effort to better familiarize people with the progressive St. Louis blogosphere, I've been collecting some links from bloggers around the city. Please check out the links below and see if anything strikes your fancy:
  • Eric Vieth at Dangerous Intersection offers a review of No Impact Man, discusses net neutrality, hammers Wall Street, criticizes the role of private contractors in Afghanistan, and hammers Wall Street some more.
  • Ryan Witt at the Political Buzz Examiner provides a steady stream of news and analysis of national events.
  • SharkFu at AngryBlackBitch discussed Harry Reid's comments, Mark McGuire, and Pat Robertson.
  • Michael Allen at Ecology of Absence highlighted an interesting New Geography tour captured on video of East St. Louis, offered some thoughts on the Arch Design Competition jury, and discussed a legislative threat to the historic tax credits that have aided restoration projects across Missouri.
  • Vihar at Green Rising asks How Much Hate is Actually Out There?, lists some startling environmental facts, and discusses the upcoming public transit ballot initiative.
  • Chris at St. Louis Patina takes beautiful pictures of St. Louis architecture such as the continental building, Downtown and Midtown, and Old North.
  • Steve at Urban Review STL defended the St. Louis Amtrak station, offered a warning of what would happen if we don't pass the April 6 Proposition A ballot initiative to fund public transit,
  • and discussed the proposal to remove a section of I-70 that blocks the city to river connection.
  • Mary Bushnell discussed the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act that hopefully will be on the November ballot.
  • Michael at Viaticum discussed his year without a car, and encouraged donations to Haiti as well as debt relief for the country.
  • Sean at FiredUp continued his great reporting on the unethical political moves of congressional candidate Ed Martin.
  • Hotflash at Show Me Progress reported on Bill McClellan's speech to the West County Dems, as well as a nice column he wrote. Speaking of SMP and McClellan, WillyK rightfully goes after this extremely weak argument by McClellan later in the week.
  • Madame Chouteau discussed demolition concerns in Soulard and also some of the problems associated with Mardi Gras.
  • Thomas Chrone at Creative St. Louis has M-F postings on the people, places, things, and traditions that make St. Louis interesting.
  • Nathaniel Dempsey was shocked that CNBC did some investigative reporting about Wal-Mart.
  • B.E.L.T. St. Louis asked why a perfectly useable building was torn down.
  • Andrew at Exquisite Struggle discusses the idea of walkability as well as some creative transpiration options.
  • Vegan Thyme continues to provide delicious vegan recipes.
  • Bernie Hayes examines the St. Louis Black Radio Hall of Fame.
  • The Angry Independent at Mirror on America suggests that Palin's hiring by Fox News shows that ignorance is rewarded in America and looks at Obama and race after one year.
  • The East-West Gateway points out that St. Louis's earnings tax does not prevent the city from outpacing other counties in job growth.
  • The Liberal Elitist says that, yes, Rush Limbaugh really is an idiot.
  • Devil's Tower, a frontpager at Daily Kos, reminds us of the violent element in the right-wing movement.
  • The Vital Voice reported on the opening of the new office foe SAGE, a nonprofit that provides support for GLBT elders.
  • Finally, a new blog has been created to keep people updated about the progress of the campaign to save public transit in St. Louis. Next Stop STL also provides great transit information.


  1. You forgot to mention Thomas Duda and his blog at which carries a Jan. 21, 2010 story titled "Additional pages of legalese: An update on Sklarov v. St. Louis Development Corporation et al, as of January 15,2010." Duda has done a fabulous job of tracking down the story about St. Louis paying $300K to cover the moving of a law firm from one address downtown to a new location owned by campaign contributors. Cast of characters include Phyllis Young, St. Louis Centre, Stacie Hastie and, of course, the fine mayor of St. Louis, what's his name. A good read.