Thursday, October 25, 2012

Incompetent Akin Campaign Is Dialing Phone Numbers in Kansas

What's truly unique about Todd Akin among Republicans is not that he has offensive views or that he's completely clueless about science (although both of these are true).  It's that he's so amazingly bad at hiding his crazy views, and continues to act offensively when everyone knows he should be keeping his mouth shut.  Throughout the campaign, and particularly after Akin's "legitimate rape" comment, his campaign has exuded an aura of complete incompetence, and not just because of their never-ending stream of tone-deaf, offensive statements.  For example, after Akin's campaign spitefully leaked an email from the Post-Dispatch, the reporter Kevin McDermott said the following:
“I shared the top of it with the campaign in an effort to give them an opportunity to fully respond, not to allow them to hurl an incomplete story out there under my name,” McDermott wrote in an email to Roll Call. “Unfortunately, I assumed I was dealing with a professional.”
A letter to the editor in today's Kansas City Star provides further support for the idea that Akin's campaign is not being run by professionals:
Now I really have a reason to detest those automated political phone calls. I received a phone call from former Arkansas governor and current Fox News personality Mike Huckabee asking for my support for Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin.
Mr. Akin should be glad he could not hear my unladylike response. You see, I’ll never vote for Mr. Akin despite his calls to my home phone. 
I live in Kansas. 
Kathyrn Bach
Of course this is just one letter, but it certainly fits with a pattern of incompetence that permeates every single aspect of his campaign.

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  1. It will serve the arrogant GOP right if they lose EVERY race in every state in this still-democratic, free from religion, Union. They are a bunch of entitled white moneymen who want to impose their phony religion on all of us. And I for one would be glad to see Paul Ryan have to look for one jon in his life where he wil not be paid by taxpayers to spew his hate. I understand Fox will have an opening soon for a liar and hate-monger.