Sunday, May 20, 2012

O'Keefe Sex Boat Plan References "Crazy" Ideas From John Burns

A recently leaked document at Breitbart Unmasked apparently shows the full 13 page "plan" to isolate CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau on a sex boat with James O'Keefe as part of a "joke." I previously reported that St. Louis's John Burns, a guy who worked with James O'Keefe to try to smear Washington University in a "campus gulag" hoax and sabotage an LGBT rally, and who also led the St. Louis tea party's disastrous campaign against public transportation, was mentioned by CNN as being in on the planning of the efforts to "seduce" Boudreau.  The document, authored by Ben Wetmore, says that he had to spend thirty minutes rejecting "crazy" ideas from Burns.  Here's the text:
I already spent 30 minutes defending the idea and trying to battle crazy permutations from Burns.  The more people you tell about an operation, the more it 1) opens it up to unknown future problems, 2) good ideas have to defend against bad ones, 3) people running their mouths to Hartsock, CNN and other people who will cause additional unknown complications.  
Considering that the plan was basically to demand that Boudreau go alone on a boat full of sex toys and video recording devices along with O'Keefe where O'Keefe would try to "seduce" her, it's hard to imagine what ideas from Burns were considered "too crazy" for this group.  As you can infer from the above, the document is also not very complimentary of Christian Hartsock, an employee of
Considering the complex dynamic with Hartsock, that he will see this CNN connection as his "big break," and that he's notorious for having loose lips, he certainly can't be trusted to keep this in confidence, and will speak to either people his age or perhaps even to CNN directly to curry favor.  He should be given the vaguest details, and if he's very upset about the potential complication to his future, reminded that future operations will be newsworthy as well.

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  1. To save future readers, could you add a disclaimer that the words "James O'Keefe" and "seduce" appear in close proximity to one another? I was reading over lunch.