Friday, May 18, 2012

Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft Embraces His Inner Birther

Yesterday, hyped another "We're totally not birther, BUT..." campaign demanding that the media wastes even more time digging around the birther issue.  The Breitbots claim that Obama told his publisher that he's from Kenya, which is a pretty strange theory considering that a profile in the New York Times had already been published at that time where Obama clearly stated he was born in Hawaii. Oh, and the agency said the misdescription was the result of their own mistake.

Anyway, though the strategy is clearly intended to cause birthers to foam at the mouth even more than usual, most of the right-wingers pushing the story have been careful to clarify that they're "actually not birthers."  On the other hand, St. Louis's resident extremist Jim Hoft aka Gateway Pundit had no such inhibitions.  Here's what Hoft wrote on his blog:
Barack Obama was either born in Kenya or he lied about it for years.
Meanwhile, St. Louis radio stations like KFTK and KMOX continue to have Hoft on as a "very serious" guest.

h/t Eric Boehlert via Twitter.

Update: NicoleGennette on Twitter points out Hoft's long history of unabashed birtherism.

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