Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leading Pro-Israel Groups at Wash U Condemn Horowitz Advertisement

Wash U Students for Israel and J Street U wrote a strong response to a recent David Horowitz Freedom Center advertisement in the student newspaper titled, "The Palestinians’ case against Israel is based on a genocidal lie" (page 13).

Here's an excerpt from the response:
First, and most fundamentally, the ad was blatantly racist and the use of the label “genocide” was extreme and malicious, especially coming from an individual who has made previously problematic statements. StudLife suggests that the ad will “cause anger in some people while eliciting admiration and respect in others.” If we, the pro-Israel groups on campus, find this ad offensive, who exactly does StudLife believe will “admire” the opinions of the ad? The StudLife disclaimer does little to assuage our anger—do the benefits of creating controversy or debate outweigh the deficits of offending a strong majority of the student population?
Other interesting student reactions can be seen here, here, and here.

The RFT also reported on Senior Sarah Rangwala's organizing efforts in response to the advertisement.

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