Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dana Loesch Admits Cheering While Tea Party Torched Russ Carnahan's Photo. Did She Also Chant "Death To the Dictator?"

Dana Loesch, the St. Louis Tea Party, and Fox News naturally spent Labor Day smearing unions with dishonest editing, cause that's what they do. What was especially funny about this was Dana Loesch hyperventilating about this situation, considering that Hoffa's comments were pretty mild compared to her daily hate speech. In fact, I thought it would be a good time to point out when Dana Loesch said "I love the way a fire smells when it's burning tyranny" while the St. Louis Tea Party set fire to a photo of Congressman Russ Carnahan at a protest outside of his office (this is the day before they carried a coffin to his home):

Here's what I tweeted:

Here's how Loesch responded:

What's interesting about this is that Loesch previously never admitted that she was there. I recognized her voice in the video and wrote about it and she accused me of "lying" (I assume over the technicality that she wasn't holding the match). Now she's changed her story to "it's OK because I just took video." Actually, it's not OK to take video and say "I love the way freedom smells when it's burning tyranny" while setting a photo of a congressman on fire. It's really pretty creepy.

Not only that, but Loesch's friend and fellow leader of the St. Louis Tea Party Jim Gateway Pundit Hoft, who bragged about "booting and torching Carnahan," said in his post that the crowd chanted "death to the dictator" while burning the photo. So if Loesch was at the rally videotaping and making comments about how awesome it was to "burn tyranny," did she also do the death chant with her fellow tea partiers? It's pretty clear that the video is spliced up and missing quite a bit in the middle. Is this really someone CNN should be having on to blather about "heated rhetoric on the Left?"


  1. IOKIYAR...they are God's chosen to lead this nation, and any anti-Christian things they do or say are only taken out of context by the evil libruls who believe in things like rights and equality, How dare we question their motives and methods? Is God speaking to us? Does God tell us to carry guns to rallies and threaten people who disagree with us? Does God tell us to edit tape so we can blast the other side? Well, then, God is obviously on their side. Or maybe, just maybe, the voices they are hearing do not come from God. Maybe, dear Dana, you are taking orders from the dark side.

  2. You can never win with these people, no matter what proof you have they will still say they are right and you are wrong, no matter how big a lie they have to tell. If loesch or brietbart or allman says it, its true. End of story. I really hope that there are not a lot of these people out there.