Sunday, December 19, 2010

DADT: Ed Martin Doesn't Need Silly Things Like Facts

Ed Martin claimed yesterday that "Democrats like Claire McCaskill" are "not the party of Missouri" because they support having a military that doesn't discriminate:

When Jennifer Haro, the person he was responding to with his "correction," pointed out how ridiculous his position is given that the vast majority of Americans fully support homosexuals serving in the military, Ed Martin responded by saying that he didn't need silly things like facts because he talks to Real Life Missourians, like, all the time:

Seriously, who would think that applying statistics to large samples of people would be a good way of gauging opinions when you can instead talk to people like Gina Loudon?

Haro let it rip on Martin, first pointing out Martin's support from Karl Rove's secretive donors:

Then linking to statistics that show that 77% of Americans supported the repeal of DADT:

And finally pointing out that maybe hanging out with people who carry coffins to Congressmen's homes and burn photos of them isn't the best way to get the sense of the average Missourian:

Ed Martin has been spending the last few weeks positioning himself for a run for office in 2012. Apparently, he thinks the best way to do that is to show how utterly clueless, out-of-touch, and regressive he is.


  1. Here are some facts. Not one Democratic Senator voted against the repeal, and almost half the republicans voted for it too. I think Ed Martin is the one who's out of touch.

  2. Unfortunately about half of MO voters are clueless, out-of-touch and regressive.