Sunday, September 13, 2009

Teabaggers FAIL, then lie about it, all across the USA

Despite working for 6 months to try to get together one million people for the Sept. 12th rally in Washington D.C., all the pathetic astroturf tea party "movement" could manage was a tiny 50 - 70,000 people, according to estimates from the D.C. fire department. To put that in perspective, it's a national rally that was attended by 3/4 as many people as a St. Louis rally for Obama during the Presidential campaign. Pretty darn pathetic. But of course, that doesn't stop the teabaggers from blatantly lying to their base, posting fake pictures, and then claiming there's a "media conspiracy" against them.

And of course, for any absurdity that occurs nationally, you can be sure that our local teabaggers will be doing their utmost to be even more ridiculous. They are claiming to have gotten 12,000 people at their "Midwest" rally in Quincy, IL. Only problem for them, the local media reports 2,000. I guess they'll soon be ranting about how the KHQA Tristates TV News was infiltrated by communists.

It's a good time to not be a teabagger.

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