Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bill Hennessy Admits that St. Louis Tea Party Can't Turn Out Enough People to Disprove the Claim, "The Tea Party Movement is Dying"

Bill Hennessy, leader of the St. Louis Tea Party "movement," has admitted that they won't be able to turn out enough people for a protest of one of their most hated rivals, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to counteract the growing public awareness that the tea party movement is rapidly fizzling out. Hennessy says many people would like to protest the event, but "I have a feeling that we won't be able to draw too big of a crowd, and that will give the press a story: 'Tea Party Movement Dying in St. Louis.' " Of course, if they were able to turn out a crowd, they wouldn't have that problem, but Hennessy knows as do I that their numbers have been plummeting since the beginning of the summer.

Hennessy's cowardice is even more funny given the bluster (along with typical teabag conspiracy theories) he was using when he first heard Speaker Pelosi was coming to town:

On October 3, Nancy Pelosi will be in St. Louis—the epicenter of the tea party movement’s long, cool summer—to try to rescue Congressman Russ Carnahan’s collapsing political career. (The Widder Carnahan’s attempts to save Russ’s career failed, so they called in Big Brother from Chicago.) It’s not difficult to put two and two together here. The Democrat operative is in town to recruit thugs to kick off a riot at the Pelosi event...

It should come as no surprise the the DNC and the White House have chosen St. Louis as ground zero for a new reign of error attempting to shut down resistance. They will find, like the Cuban commies in Grenada, that we’ve got their number. If they want to make St. Louis their Waterloo, we will gladly play von Blucher and Wellington.

Quite a rhetorical flourish for a guy who's scared to even call for a protest. Not only that, but one of his fellow bloggers on the official Tea Party web site just got done writing a post tilted, "It's good to be a badass." Uh, yeah Bill, it's totally badass to be too scared to protest the woman you think is destroying America because you don't want to show the media how much your movement has dwindled.

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