Thursday, June 25, 2009

What facebook thinks of its users

An amazing exchange between Facebook and a friend of mine regarding my recently disabled account:

My friend wrote:

If Facebook cannot prove to be an independent, uncensored, and trustworthy mode of communication I will have to delete my account.
Facebook users have the option to either deactivate or delete their accounts. The differences between the two options are described below.

If you deactivate your account, your profile and all information associated with it are immediately made inaccessible to other Facebook users. What this means is that you effectively disappear from the Facebook service. However, we do save your profile information (friends, photos, interests, etc.), so if you want to reactivate at some point, your account will look just the way it did when you deactivated. Many users deactivate their accounts for temporary reasons and expect their information to be there when they return to the service. You can deactivate your account through the "Deactivate Account" link on the Account page.

If you do not think you will use Facebook again and you would like to delete your account, you can do this yourself by taking the following steps:

1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Visit the Security section of the Help Center by following this link:

3. Click the “I want to permanently delete my account” link toward the bottom of the page.

Please keep in mind that once your account is deleted, you will not be able to reactivate the account or retrieve any of the content or information you have added.

If you are currently unable to access your account, you will need to reset your password in order to log in. In order to do so, click the "Forgot your password?" link that appears above the field where you would normally enter your password. Entering your login email address on the next page will cause a new password to be sent to that email address. Once you receive your new password and can log in, you can deactivate or delete your account using the steps outlined above. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,
So if he says he'll delete his account if facebook isn't, "independent, uncensored, and trustworthy' and facebook responds with instructions to delete his account, does that imply what I think it implies? Wow, they have more disdain for their users than even I would have imagined!

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  1. This is less likely to be disdain for users, and more likely to be an autoresponse that triggered on the phrase 'delete my account.'