Friday, June 19, 2009

Compliments on facebook activism

Hi, as I mentioned before, my facebook account has been disabled without any explanation. I have sent five emails over the course of the last three weeks to the email address facebook provided, and they still have yet to provide any explanation whatsoever. Facebook has also blocked messages and event invitations from going out from St. Louis Activist Hub, a group with over 2,200 members that helps to connect progressive people and activists across St. Louis.

In order to show why I think this inexplicable censorship is an important loss for the St. Louis region, I am posting below just a small sampling of the compliments I and St. Louis Activist Hub have recieved since the group was formed less than a year ago:

(click on any of the images for a larger view)

Most of the compliments were actually sent to me as direct messages, rather than posted on the wall. Of course, it is somewhat hard to track all these down since my account was disabled. However, here is just a small sampling that I retrieved via my email account (keep in mind that these are just from the past three months and the group has been in existence for almost a year now):

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