Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Three St. Louis Area Tea Party Blogs Defend Akin Against GOP Establishment

Three bloggers from that one group that used to be tea party but now has some other acronym recently published blog posts defending Todd Akin and attacking the GOP establishment that tried to push him out.

Virginia Kruta:
If Akin stays in this race, it is possible that he has been damaged enough that we could lose this seat. And that is a scary thought, especially for Missourians, who would be saddled with another six years of Claire McCaskill. But how does that compare to grassroots losing *all* seats that boast candidates who have angered the GOP? Think of Todd Akin as the canary in the coal mine - if he falls to this strategy, who is next? Every election from here on out, we will not only have to fight the left and the media, but also the pseudo-right. 
If we continue to support Todd Akin, we have the ability to hit the national establishment where it hurts. Sadly, many who claim to be fighters have already fallen prey to the narrative. There may not be enough of us left to cripple the establishment this time around, and every time we fail they get stronger.
So wait for Todd Akin's response. And if he intends to fight, I say we fight with him.

Yet political players far and wide now wish to overturn the legitimate winner of a primary election; party players and powers that be, wish to disenfranchise all republican voters of Missouri, in order for these power players to put who they would like to see him replaced with. These are the same people who didn't want Akin to run for the Senate, the same people who didn't support him during the election, the same people who did their best to undermine him in order to get a less conservative candidate to run... And yet, after the people of Missouri, who knowingly voted for the more conservative candidate - are very likely going to have their votes overturned, by party players who didn't approve of their votes to begin with.
On the pretext of a politically sensitive gaffe, the candidate nominated in a statewide election, is potentially going to be removed from the race, and replaced by someone the GOP would have preferred to have been (s)elected in the first place.

While supporters in both John Brunner’s and Sarah Steelman’s camp gnared their teeth at the opportunity to snag the seat, should Akin vacate, those dreams were quickly dashed by the time they finally finished reading through Missouri’s Sore Loser Law....
It is clear that the people voted, and Akin’s primary win should be upheld. It is also clear that the Missouri Establishment GOP was quick to stand next to the progressive extremists in throwing Akin under the bus, over and over again. 
Guess that's the last time the GOP establishment will ever try "gnaring" their teeth. 


  1. I'm having a hard time not being completely shocked that at least two of these bloggers are women! The election of Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, and even Mitt Romney sets the advances of women and their place in citizenry back 100 years.

    This faction of extreme conservatism has co-opted the Republican party and no amount of "distancing" on the part of those crying for Akin's resignation changes what they really believe. I just can't figure out why so many women are buying it.

  2. "And that is a scary thought, especially for Missourians, who would be saddled with another six years of Claire McCaskill."

    Yes. On the horror spectrum, that's WAY scarier than the thought of sending someone to the Senate who has fathered 6 children yet still thinks a woman's body is equipped with a Mean Sperm filter.