Monday, August 31, 2009

A brief response to Adam Sharp

Adam Sharp is a right-wing blogger in the St. Louis region.  He recently wrote a post claiming that I am the "thought police" because I told him he shouldn't be trying to sneak into Organizing for America's Healthcare Rally and kept an eye on him throughout the event.  I'm not going to waste too much time on this, but basically if I was saying all of this to him simply because he was a random person who had views I disagreed with, then he would be correct.  However, from seeing Sharp in action, I know that he is someone who has consistently engaged in unethical and disruptive behavior at every single event he goes to.  In fact, in pretty much every event Sharp has been at, he has both broken the rules and whined about being persecuted by liberals.  I'm not a psychologist, but I would guess he might have something like narcissistic personality disorder.  Anyway, here's just a small review of the kind of behavior he engages in, taken mostly from the PushBack blog:

  • He directly and knowingly violated police orders to "move back" outside of a Carnahan Town Hall (see bottom of the post).
  • He snuck into a press conference on private property, then asked a question "as a citizen" when the moderator clearly stated that they wanted questions from the press.  While he was there, he argued against the answers experts were providing to media questions, including interrupting a pastor in attendence.
  • He was a distraction and a disturbance at the McCaskill Town Hall in Hillsboro, yet still whined about being persecuted.
  • And, in general, he runs around events trying to secretly capture people on film when they're not aware of him filming, then selectively edits their comments to make them look bad.
Given his consistent behavior pattern, I am quite sure that he would have tried to make himself a distraction and a disturbance at the OFA rally if I had not kept an eye on him and called him out.  He desparately craves being the center of right-wing attention, and I supposed that whining about "the thought police" has helped him to accomplish that, but importantly he wasn't able to cause any trouble at the event.  If he wants to write negative posts about me, I can live with that, but the bottom line is that the event went off without a hitch, and right-wingers are desperate now to focus on minutia rather than the obvious fact that they've lost all of their momentum and were seriously out-organized last night.


  1. It's interesting that another Adam Sharp is a known political actor in the South. An Adam Sharp used to be Communications Director and then Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana. Sen. Landrieu is a Democrat, but has been recently opposing the public option. This Adam Sharp then went on to be been named to the newly-created position of Executive Producer, Digital Services at C-Span. According to his tweets, he has been on a vacation overseas and has posted what look like possible stock photos of this trip.
    Oddly, the guy's photo is incredibly difficult to come across for someone so active in politics. But compare for yourself this photo- with the photo of Sharp Elbows here-
    Oddly, they are both 31 years old.
    Venturing into paranoia? Perhaps, perhaps...

  2. Since I've run into the St. Louis Adam Sharp a few times, I can say that the guy in the facebook picture is definitely not him. That is a pretty interesting coincidence though!