Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thoughts on Mother's Day

As Mother's Day is coming I'd like to share a conversation I had with a group of women regarding stages of womanhood. I'd specifically like to focus on the traditions that categorize these stages by: "maiden, mother, and crone." The women in the room were a beautiful, mixed bag of ages and cultures, so we were blessed to seemingly have all these stages represented.

As the conversation progressed I realized "maiden, mother, and crone" were not solely based on the actual age of the person, i.e. maiden=only young women, mother=has birthed a child(ren), and crone=a senior. Rather, there were some older women identifying as maidens alongside the young women, and the childless women identifying as mothers along with women who had children.

What I learned that day was that "maiden, mother, crone" is not chronological to one's age, but stages that can change multiple times in ones life, when needed. Sometimes young maidens are crones, having the knowledge and courage to identify the haters; and mature crones can be free and playful as maidens; and some childless women are mothers-- organizing, teaching, and nurturing our community.

Empathizing with these stages, and developing courage through transitions between these stages, is a deep-rooted gift and knoledge-through-struggle of all women's experience, yet to the detriment modern culture, this tool is fairly unknow. The ability and work it takes to change through these stages can bless us with resilliance, grace, and skill, and can help to lead a meaningful existence.

Maybe we ow it to our lineage of courageous women, in addition to our upcoming Mother's Day, to also acknowldge a Crone's Day, Maiden's Day, or maybe the transition-between-the-stages Day, or maybe Grace Day? Considering the generations of women who have maneuvered through patriarchal paradigms of hate, abuse, supression, and greed, I have to answer YES! It would collectively help to validate and acknowledge women's experiences, struggles, and values, especially in a world in desperate need of its assistance and repair.

However, for now, we have a great opportunity with Mother's Day. We can all try to empower and celebrate our "Mother-selves"! We, as organizers, communicators, mediators, role models, nurtureres, and friends. Women of all ages know this change; the transition is a struggle, but a delight! Motherhood is one of our skills, as CODEPINK organizers for peace, nurturing our communities worldwide, we help facilitate CHANGE. . . starting with ourselves.

Mothers remind us of love, family, community, sharing, giving, listening, loving, passion, responsibility, and empowerment. We hope to be Mother's Day role-models reminding all that CHANGE is natural, and necessary, change is progress, the change to Mother, the change to Maiden, the change to Crone. CHANGE is one of the many gifts we offer to the world, and is deserving of reverance for all the stages. Have a blessed and productive Mother's Day women! And thanks from the world, as you are invaluable.

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