Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rainford Won't Speak With Reporters But Will With Loesch?

Another interesting tidbit from the Post-Dispatch article on Occupy STL:
[Mayor Slay's Chief-of-Staff Jeff] Rainford said the city would not meet with occupiers Monday, nor would it discuss the issue with reporters.
But, of course, Rainford was willing to embarrass the city yesterday by appearing on Dana Loesch's hate-filled radio show.

Of course Loesch isn't a reporter or even a person who makes any attempt to accurately convey information, so there's nothing inconsistent about Rainford's action in relation to his statement. Still, it's rather curious that he's only willing to take questions on the issue from people like Loesch.


  1. The RFT is a mouthpiece for corporations they have no credibility and are not an independent Press outlet

  2. Maybe, but some corporations are better than others. I think the RFT has been willing to ruffle some feathers in the time I've been in St. Louis, though I know there was a lot of controversy before I got here and I hear a lot about "the good old days." There are a lot of stories that the RFT covers that other outlets won't touch, so I think it's a valuable asset to the community, even if it's not the be-all-end-all of progressive news for St. Louis.

  3. I think I posted this comment on the wrong entry.

    It's the syndicated stuff i find most objectionable, the stories you can read in their mirror papers around the country, which is little more than profit multiplication by using as little labor as possible. It's the primary reason I don't read the RTF here in St. Louis. I used to read it years ago in Fort Lauderdale, but that was before the whole Newspaper and press business went to hell in a handbasket.

    This comment referred to unsupported and unsubstantiated misinformation below, which in fact is really just declarations of propaganda from writers who are little more than paid hacks, like this Chad Garrison person who apparently masquerades as journalists and has no interest in credibility, or reality for that matter.

    [Now, instead of letting the protest die of its own accord -- which was almost guaranteed given the oncoming winter and a growing disinterest in the movement from the media and the general public -- Occupy St. Louis has a chance to make a name for itself on the national stage.]