Friday, February 18, 2011

Ed Martin Forgets His Supporters, Claims People "Know How To Be Civil"

Ed Martin today grumbled about a forum on civility being hosted by Representatives Russ Carnahan and Jo Ann Emerson, saying "People know how to be civil:"

Apparently Ed Forgot his supporters, who shrieked and threw boots at a photo of Russ Carnahan before setting the photo on fire, and then carried a coffin to Carnahan's home the next day.

Here's some video of Ed's campaigners:

At that same rally, the tea party set a photo of Carnahan on fire:

And Ed Martin was supportive all the way:

So yeah Ed, you really should look into attending that conference. You might learn a thing or two. Oh? And the reason why your "Obamacare" forum was "civil," despite the fact that health care reform supporters massively outnumbered your crowd? Because the people who disagreed with you were polite, unlike the screamers from the tea party two years ago.

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  1. Sure, Ed, they're civil - just like your followers at the Forest Park Community College debate forum. Was it civil when one of your acolytes screamed "Carnahan started it!"? He was sitting right in front of me so it wasn't too difficult to mistake what he was saying and the tone in which he said it. I suppose you don't remember the several breakdowns in civility at that debate, do you?